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Three ways to improve your production process and reach more clients

A poor production process all too often destroys the value of high quality corporate content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ghost-written opinion piece, a marketing brochure, or a journalistic report of a company-run event – why pay for a bland, written-by-committee, piece of content or, worse, a piece which takes so long to see the light of day that it’s no longer relevant? […]

The end of online advertising?

Is online advertising in its death throes or will it morph into something more effective? Consumers have made their views clear: a third or more say they ignore online ads while 47 per cent of people in the US and 39 per cent in the UK don’t even see them because they use ad-blocking software, according to […]

Why sponsored content can offend the clients you’re trying to reach

The audience for traditional journalism has never been greater. The business model underpinning it, however, has never been weaker. Enter ‘native’ advertising or sponsored content. On a superficial level, it makes some sense. A company can directly influence the content – even explicitly control it – with the tacit endorsement of an independent masthead. This content […]

Journalism and chocolate: tasty lies

I’ve seen more than one friend recently use social media to extol the virtues of chocolate as a weight-loss aid. Maybe some of your friends have too. And why not – earlier this year a team of German researchers found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a […]

More than words

Alfred Hitchcock was one of the greatest film directors of all time. The famous crop-duster scene in North by Northwest is a great example of his work. Only it wasn’t written by Hitchcock – it was written by screenwriter Ernest Lehman. In his book, Which Lie Did I Tell, American screenwriter William Goldman describes the […]