Experience that delivers.

At CMP, we’ve been in the news room, the board room and the engine room.

CMP has wide-ranging media and corporate experience.


CMP’s experience in the financial services industry is broad and deep. We’ve worked with household names and rising stars, with clients across funds management, advice, superannuation, retail and institutional banking, insurance and fintech.

The content we produce covers topics including complex financial products, general economic and market updates, and themes such as behavioural economics, financial literacy, and innovation.


CMP has detailed understanding of the professional services industry, including law, accounting, and consulting. We specialise in translating complex concepts into clear and engaging copy that resonates with technical experts and broader audiences.

CMP director Katie King has worked on mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital raising, financial reporting, and process improvement. She has drafted, edited and reviewed a wide range of documents including annual reports, prospectuses, contracts and financial reports.

Technology & Innovation

CMP regularly explores how innovation and technology are driving major business changes. They have the power to generate new revenue streams, boost customer engagement and enhance risk management.

Our work has included in-depth reports on cyber security among the ASX 100 and by company directors. We also cover areas such as software development, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, gamification, open architecture and platform integration. 


CMP believes that good corporate governance is central to the success of every organisation. We’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes.

As a company secretary, Katie King reviewed governance, compliance and risk management practices and led projects to strengthen them, while in his career as a journalist, Brendan Swift investigated and reported on the impact of governance failures. Our clients include regulators, industry bodies and global risk managers. 


CMP has worked with public sector organisations to create content and provide training. We also have in-house government experience with a major state-owned corporation, with high-profile activities directly influenced by government policy and priorities. More broadly, our thought leadership and strategic advice are underpinned by staying continuously abreast of government reforms and activity.

We are fully prequalified with the NSW Government’s Performance and Management Services scheme and are a member of the Federal Government's Communications Panel.


We understand the intersection of the creative and commercial elements in the Australian arts and entertainment industries, and the issues that matter to them the most.

CMP founder and director Brendan Swift is a former editor of Inside Film, Australia’s leading independent magazine for film and television professionals. We have worked with the Australian Writers’ Guild, and also produce features for a range of newspapers and magazines.