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We're financial services content specialists. 

Collaborative Media & Publishing creates engaging, thought-provoking content that connects with your audience.

We use our journalism skills to make complex financial topics easy to understand and entertaining.

Some of our favourite content includes articles, ghost-written op-eds, event coverage and reports.

Everything we do is aimed at creating the highest-quality content. We do this by combining creativity with stringent processes.

We’re commercial, creative, curious and – of course – collaborative.

Brendan Swift
Brendan’s work has appeared in every major Australian newspaper over the past 15 years.

He was a senior reporter at the Australian Financial Review, where he specialised in the financial services industry and was a regular section editor. In his time at the AFR, he wrote more than 70 page one stories for the paper. Brendan is a former editor of influential industry magazine Inside Film. His previous experience includes a range of business trade publications and national wire service Australian Associated Press.

Brendan founded CMP in 2014 to bring high-level writing, editing and communication skills to the corporate market. He understands that the needs of organisations vary widely and has demonstrated an ongoing ability to blend the strongest aspects of his journalism background with the commercial and strategic goals of the corporate sector.
Katie King
Katie’s focus on communications has been a common thread across a diverse corporate career spanning more than 15 years. She is an experienced and accomplished writer and editor. 

In professional services, Katie wrote reports to audit committees and executives. In financial management, she prepared annual reports from cover to cover, and drafted prospectuses, presentations and press releases. And as an award-winning corporate governance specialist and company secretary, she wrangled and untangled board papers, coached management on engaging with boards, and advised directors and top management.

Katie has worked at organisations ranging from professional services firms to start-ups, top ASX-listed companies and in government. They include Caltex Australia, UrbanGrowth NSW, Macquarie Group and EY.

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